20,000 BCHuntin…

15 May

20,000 BC
Hunting peoples of northeast Asia follow herds of Caribou, bison, and mammoth across the present day Bering Strait, which at several points in this period is a grassy plain a thousand miles broad. They then move south along ice-free corridors into the American continents. Anthropologists believe that humans first settled in the San Diego area as early as 20,000 years ago along the coast and 12,000 years ago in the desert.

12000 BC to 7000 BC
Original inhabitants of the San Diego area are now known as the San Dieguito people. The earliest cultural group, dated at about 7500 B.C., is referred to as the San Dieguito Paleo-Indian, which researcher Malcolm Rogers described in 1929 as a “scraper-maker culture.” The Rogers site is above the San Dieguito River east of Rancho Santa Fe.

7000 BC to 1000 BC
La Jollan people assimilate the original San Dieguito people (or evolve from them). Today’s La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club is neighbor to a major archeological site from this period.


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